Garden Flowers
French countryside style, free and romantic. The vibrant floral patterns and bright colors bring life and offer a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. Transfer printing techniques offer a different visual experience.

Ocean's Song
Modern Scandinavian style, with deep blue dinnerware resembling the depths of the ocean, bringing the deep blue sea to the dining table, creating a mysterious and serene dining ambiance. The combination of kiln transformation and stone texture fully showcases the mysterious unknown of the ocean.

Starry Sky
Combining deep cosmic blue with twinkling star patterns, reminiscent of gazing up at a star-studded night, adding a romantic starlit touch to dinner. The transfer printing technique mimicking glaze change offers a different visual impact.

Minimalist Scandinavian style, simple and elegant. The high-end black and white color scheme reveals a pursuit of refined living. The orderly vertical stripe relief technique is minimalistic, clean, and neat.