Vintage British style that is timeless, elegant, and reserved. The classic black and white grid pattern is simple yet rhythmic, with strong color contrast that enhances visual impact, blending modernity and vintage.

French Romance
French romance comes alive on the porcelain, expressing a light classic elegance. The interplay of dots and lines, and the use of black and gold, add a sense of sophistication and relaxation to an afternoon tea.

The distinctive stacking of bubbles creates a visually impactful and spatially engaging effect. The black and white pairing is simple and sophisticated, which is the modern interpretation of classic design, stylish and high-end, full of personality.

Tropical Rainforest
Inspired by the tropical rainforest, this series has classic tropical flora and fauna in design, creating vivid, interesting, and wild visuals. With the special using of decal techniques, presents the multi-layered colors of the tropical rainforest.