Idea from Life, Produce with Meticulousness

Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, the master builder, once said, “God lives in the details.” Yang Yongshang, the master of chinaware also said, “If we handle well with details, can’t we make an advanced and quality chinaware?” That’s the spirit of craftsman, which is the character of Chinese ceramic worker for thousands of years. That’s why ceramic is called china. Songfa advocates the ever lost craftsman’s spirit, endeavors to make chinaware from exquisiteness to perfectness.

Moreover, Songfa believes taste comes from life, from customers’ cultural background. The design of Songfa chinaware lays emphasis on creative concept derived from cultural background to achieve perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Therefore, Songfa has set up the Provincial Research & Development Center of Daily-used Chinaware, and has participated in National Torch Plan, Guangdong Technical Innovation Program and Industrial Technological Innovation Program. Meanwhile, Songfa has set up close connections with universities and research institutes, such as Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts to develop chinaware talents and to design new products.

Songfa also hires Master Zhang Shouzhi, designer of 1953’s ‘Founding of China’ chinaware, Master Yang Yongshan, professor of Ceramic Department, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and Master Chen Ruoju, designer of the third and fourth edition of RMB bill to be in charge of new products design. In addition, Songfa collaborates with famous oversea design studios such as German Dorfel, Dutch Spizes and Rococo China to develop high-end daily-used chinaware.