Morden baker
These baking dishes, have hollow slightly concave grip handles which are confortable and stable enough for your hands to hold easily.
The color they get is gloss outside and semi-matt inside.
There are clean straight lines in the inner surface, simple but special.

This series is part of our elegant line of newly designed dinnerware, this pared-down glaze collection is decorated by delicate lines.
The lines are soft and smooth, to look like the woven net -- to catch fortune and hope.

Fashionable flowers
A beautiful new floral motif.
Featuring textured organic patterns and subdued hues make it a colorful collection.
Technical application by 3 color pad printing.

Blue tulips
Tulips are among the world's most favorite flowers.
Blue tulips are thought to symbolize tranquility and peace because of the blue color.
The Tulip is a traditional flower in Europe.
It convey a message of trust and loyalty.
Technical application by 3 color pad printing, to show the different blue shades.

When it comes to fine dot design on dinnerware, you will think it is cute.
You can see on this set of dinnerware, there are dots by dots that comprise the lines, when you focus on the lines, you can then experience it as complete picture of many squares.Technical application by decal.