Structured soft plate edge, exquisite and smooth body, full of rhythm. Under the light, looks like perfect artwork.
Gorgeous but simple, manifests its high-end character. Silver color flows, as if memories’ frame by frame, able to create a modern affects dining table. The best bone ceramic shows extraordinary honor texture, to decorate the elegant quality to the smallest detail. Makes you to taste the understated luxury, but also give a banquet style meal becomes extreme.

Lanting Xu is a famous work of calligraphy by Wang Xizhi, composed in the year 353. Written in semi-cursive script, it is among the best known and often copied pieces of calligraphy in Chinese history.
On the white bone ceramics, carved out smooth running script, type evolution from calligraphy appliance, showing irregular margin, free-form, with glazed Preface against each other, and fun. When you meet your friends, drink few alcohol at an elegant house, use this chinaware, feel the nice life.

One of the celestial monsters in Chinese ancient legends, Ruihu is as known as white tiger, manager the western deities. Ruihu is the brave deity, exorcise evil spirits and brings good luck, which is liked by dignitary. The originality of this production is from Han Dynasty Wadang tiger, adopt its stateliness, primitive simplicity, makes the characterless tableware to be noble and generous.

Senna River
High-end bone ceramics penetrating the white light, fine reliefs reflect on the glaze surface, as the glistening light of Senna River waves. Shows the romance of Fashion Capital. Formalized vessel shape, exquisite hand feeling, elegant stripes, extremely exotic. Users are like walking along the Senna River, free and grace, combine Chinese and Western style, with anti slip function

Destiny Tableware
Vintage blue pattern and elegent ivory color, complement each other.
Golden and bronze color,illustrates everlasting glory. Exquisite overglaze color interprets modern luxury style, subtle craftsmanship derives from meticulous attention. Pass through thousands of years, Yuanlai is here, it's a destiny.

Inspiration from Temple of Heaven, combines the square and circle, which means sky and land. The whole set solemn style, the color is simple but steady. The booming peony is twined branches, exquisite flowers cover chic leaves. Peony is the wealthy flowers, symbolize thriving and prosperous.