Victory Cup
Victory Cup is inspired by the special tea cup designed in 1958 for Chairman Mao. For its thinness and unique glazing technology on its bottom, Victory Cup is honored as the pearl on the crown of chinaware arts. Songfa gives Victory Cup new life by updating its color, shape, and hand-painted decal with four times’ firing. Victory Cup represents leading edge of chinaware firing technique in China.

Tableware for Great Hall of the People
Going with golden lines to match the red national emblem, the tableware of Great Hall of the People series is glossy and elegant, served for state banquets in Beijing Olympics and the 60 National Day of People’s Republic of China.

Soaring tee set
Soaring tea set is designed by Master Zhang Shouzhi, a famous professor and chinaware artist. This tea set is highlighted for its perfect arc, with elegant golden line effect, which was made in limited edition for collection.

Han dynasty style Dinnerware
Hanfeng means the style of Han Dynasty, which is designed by Professor Chen Ruoju, a famous chinaware artist. Hanfeng dinnerware is inspired from Han culture, those elements of Han chariot, hunting scene and mythical creatures are meticulously combined together and produced by traditional hand-made.

National Porcelain- wine set: Special provides for The Great Hall of the People
"National Porcelain" wine set designed with bronze goblet as its prototype, used high-quality bone china as material, which make it crystal clear. With delicate and unique shape, composed and solemn flavor, the waist for the wine set is decorated with phoenix pattern, and unique Matt texture, it shows outstanding noble temperament during the cup raising.

State banquet tableware for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China
Cooperating with Zhang Shouzhi , the master in Chinese ceramic and He Bingqin, the ceramic artist, Songfa have design a new collection of dinnerware, which orignal from the national banquet dinnerware. Using the traditional auspicious flower as pattern, it not only shows the magnificent, elegant and generous part of China, but also maintain the traditional style. It was used at the reception dinner for the 70th anniversary of China in the Great Hall of the people in 2019.