Family Tailor Made
Everybody has the print of a family, so does a chinaware. A piece of a chinaware is for a dinner, for a collection,
as well as for a family's inheritance.Every piece of chinaware is unique.
An exclusive family's emblem tells you a story of a family.
Songfa family tailor made chinaware, for a family and of a family.

Business Tailor Made
Chinese adore 'Courtesy calls for reciprocity '.
Chinaware is called as national ritual vessel, it's a solemn gift.
Tailor made patterns interpret your sincerity, suitable for different occasion.
Songfa business tailor made chinaware, meticulous made with sincerity.

Wedding Tailor Made
Catch one's heart, never be apart.
It's an expectation, it's a promise.
Wish love is chinaware alike,
ignoring wind or rain,
without fear of frost or snow.
Everlasting, eternally renewed.
Songfa wedding tailor made chinaware, witnesses the eternal love.

The customized for festival

Chinese festival culture originated in the pre-qin period, finalize in han dynasty. After the cultural integration and development of successive dynasties, it finally became an important embodiment of the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. The same as ceramics,getting perfect after thousands of years' development.   Songfa festival custom series, to pass on the arts and culture.

The customized for wine bottle

The perfect ceramic technology will be in intimate contact with the long standing wine culture. Songfa wine bottle customized series - with professional design and produce various types of ceramic wine bottles, beautiful and generous, good sealing, diversified models, high collection value, to meet the multi-level personalized needs.